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November 22, 2022

Weakley County Municipal Electric System (WCMES) recently recognized four employees for completing their apprenticeships. Jared Moore, Adam West, Denver Davidson, and Dwayne Evans all completed a 4 year – 8,000-hour Apprenticeship through WCMES with the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association and The Department of Labor. The four apprentices began in 2018 and went through a series of classwork units, labs, workshops, and testing to complete their apprenticeships. Congratulations to these WCMES Employees.

Picture (Left to Right)
Jared Moore, Adam West, Denver Davidson, Dwayne Evans

June 2, 2022

Weakley County Municipal Electric System

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WCMES was honored to serve as part of the Iris Festival Parade Grand Marshall group this year. When natural disasters strike our communities, WCMES's Team is ready to step up and do what it takes to get the Power restored. We are proud to serve our communities in an elite capacity of rebuilding and restoring power. This past December the WCMES Team worked many long hard hours to help the citizens of Dresden and surrounding areas. Our Team not only restored power but also helped restore a more normal way of life after such tragedy. WCMES is proud to be the Power behind the Iris!

Weakley County Municipal Electric System (WCMES) was formed under the 1935 Public Acts of Tennessee Chapter 32 in 1938. WCMES sets out to provide an adequate supply of dependable electricity for the comfort, convenience, and prosperity of all people in the System’s area, at the lowest practical cost. WCMES promotes growth through Educational and Economic Development Programs, all while participating in the general development of the area served. WCMES was established with 13 employees, serving 2,131 customers in the incorporated limits of Dresden, Gleason, Martin, Sharon, Greenfield, and Bradford. In 1958, the City of South Fulton awarded WCMES a 20-year franchise to distribute power within the city limits. WCMES has continued to increase the amount of transmission and distribution lines along with other facilities to accommodate growth and customer needs for over 83 years. WCMES has grown to 75 employees serving approximately 20,500 customers. Customers are now served in city limits South Fulton, Martin, Sharon, Greenfield, Bradford, Gleason, Dresden as well as throughout rural areas of Weakley County and parts of Gibson County.

Throughout the years WCMES's Electrical Distribution System has been hit hard with storms. Ice, Floods, Wind, and Snow have all caused major power outages sending WCMES Crews into Power Restoration Mode. The December 10, 2021, tornado was the largest storm WCMES has faced. The series of tornados that came through the West Tennessee area caused approximately 11,000 customers to be without electricity in the WCMES Service Territory. Many WCMES pole lines and facilities were destroyed including part of the WCMES Fiber Optic System. Due to the extent of damage WCMES requested Mutual Aid Assistance from five neighboring Electric Systems: Union City Energy Authority, Carroll County Electric Department, Ripley Power and Light, Paris Board of Public Utilities, and Milan Public Utilities. After 8 days of restoration, power and fiber optics in the WCMES service territory were restored. WCMES continues to work with storm damage customers to restore power to their properties as they are needed.

WCMES is proud to be a part of such a great community that pulls together and works for the community needs in trying times like these from the December 2021 Tornado.

October 25, 2021

Now you can set up Autopay and review bill statements conveniently from home or from your smart device with our easy-to-use Customer Portal or Mobile App

Our contactless options allow you to securely:

  • Pay your bill anytime, anywhere
  • Set up Autopay
    • To set up bank draft, please contact office
  • See your current month’s usage
  • Receive important alerts and notifications
  • And more!

SIGN UP - It’s easy to manage your account online or through the new Mobile App.

Have your 12-digit account number handy. It is printed on the left side of your bill. You can easily set up your User ID and Password by following the directions below to access the Customer Portal. (Please note that the Customer Portal does not support Internet Explorer.)

Follow these steps to enroll:

You may also pay by phone at (888) 643-1082. To avoid late payments or cut off, please do not use third party vendors to pay your utility bill. These payments do not come directly to WCMES.

Quick and simple – DOWNLOAD the Mobile APP

Now you can pay from anywhere, anytime and manage your account with the convenient Mobile App. Simply click on one of the Mobile App buttons below, install the app and follow the prompts. It’s easy!

Avoid missed payments – SIGN UP for Autopay

When you enroll in Autopay, your bill will be paid on your due date. To enroll in Autopay:

  • Log in to the Customer Portal
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  • Complete the prompts and your Autopay enrollment is done!
  • Questions and Answers
    about the Customer Portal and Mobile App


    Why should I use the Customer Portal or Mobile App to pay my bill?


    We have set up these new payment methods for you because they are easy to use, secure and convenient. Our new Customer Portal and Mobile App provide services that customers find helpful including Autopay enrollment and notifications. You do not need to leave your home to manage your utility account, check your balance or due date, or pay your bill.


    How do I find the Customer Portal?


    It’s easy to get to the Customer Portal. You can:
    1. Go to https://wcmes.com and select the “Pay My Bill” link.
    2. Go to https://wcmes.utilitynexus.com and select “Sign Up” to enroll.
    3. Click on one of the Mobile App buttons below. When the app comes up on your screen, click “Install” (Google Play) or “Get” (App Store.)


    What is the Mobile App?


    WCMES’s Mobile App enables you to manage your account right from your smart device, anywhere, anytime. The app is secure, easy to get and simple to use. All you need to do is click on one of the Mobile App buttons below and your device will install the app that was developed for your operating system.

    Once the app is downloaded and installed on your device, you will see a welcome screen that allows you to log in or sign up for the Customer Portal. You will need to sign up the first time you use the portal and create your login credentials for the next time you want to use the portal.


    What do I need to sign up for the Customer Portal?


    You will need your 12-digit account number to register in the new Customer Portal. This 12-digit number is found in a box on the left side of your electric bill. Enter the number and click “Continue.”

    Next you will see a screen to set up your account. Once you have completed and submitted this form, you will receive an email indicating that your account has been activated. You are now ready to check your bill, monitor your utility usage and make payments.


    Are there other ways I can pay my WCMES bill online?


    The WCMES Customer Portal and Mobile App are the only official ways to pay your utility bill online. If you pay through a third party, the funds do not come directly to WCMES and can result in a late payment or shut off. You may also pay by phone at (888) 643-1082, or by mailing your check to our office at P.O. Box 170, Martin, TN 38237. Be sure to include the payment stub from your bill. WCMES also offers a Bank Draft Plan for paying electric bills. To enroll in this plan, please visit wcmes.com, click Pay My Bill, go to Bank Draft and download the Agreement form. Please bring the completed form and documents listed to the WCMES office.

    Storm Tips

    Electrical Safety During a Storm:

    SafeElectricity.org: "Safety Before and After Storms"

    Educate Children on Storm Hazards:

    TVAkids.com: "Power Safety for Kids"

    Food Safety During A Power Outage:

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    Stay Safe and
    Report Your Outage to 731-587-9521